accelerate growth

ETICO Capital is an employee-owned merchant bank targeting businesses with high growth potential. Founded in 2007, our flexible approach and team of seasoned professionals with broad horizontal and vertical expertise offers unique solutions to accelerate growth, rapidly increase enterprise value and shorten liquidity horizons.

access to decision makers

Our range of activities includes investing the partners’ capital, sourcing capital from third parties, and providing strategic, financial and operating advice and support. Our deep strategic and institutional relationships provide unique access to decision makers to accelerate growth and business development.

trusted advisors

Etico is derived from the Latin word “ethicus” (meaning ethical) and expresses our commitment to ethical behavior in an industry rocked with opaque and aberrant behavior. With our combined 100 plus years of industry experience, we set out to create a merchant bank rooted in transparent and honest relationships with our clients, customers, counterparties and staff. As trusted advisors, our capital sourcing and advisory businesses offer our global clients custom solutions and strategies to enhance stakeholder value and provide liquid fund growth.

our customers

We seek to work with enterprises that:

  • Serve a large and growing market
  • Possess a unique defensible long term competitive advantage
  • Have a management team capable of executing a conservative business plan
  • Have visibility for a near term significant value enhancing event

Etico is particularly adept at working with companies facing “disruptive” events to business models, approaches and/or technologies.

our success

Our partners and Advisory Council members have successfully executed transactions in the following industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Energy
  • Technology
  • Consumer
  • Logistics